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IT and system integration

Our services include:

  • Online track and trace, including POD retrieval
  • Custom built web applications to fulfill customer requirements
  • Stock management, digital document retrieval and PDA solutions
  • Online vehicle tracking services
  • SAP System integration
  • Packaging and branding design
  • Telcommunication and mobile data transfers

  • We work closely with our clients to meet their business´ requirements ensuring that software integrations run smoothly into their organisation with maximum success. Over the years we have successfully managed to streamline many of the working processes involved between our clients and ourselves, creating direct EDI solutions to ensure that information travels between our partnership as efficiently as possible.

    We can provide, research, planning, design, implementation and training. Our trained personnel have experience in Java, VB, ASP.NET, XML, Flash, Actionscript, Web design and the programmatic development of the Micrososft Office suit.

    We look forward to working with you...